Friday, May 6, 2011

Roommate Drama Averted- And Other Things

A little update on the roommate drama: Saruman has since spoken to the landlord, and has calmed down about the whole situation. Saruman just needs to not ever get anxious about anything ever again, and we'll be fine, methinks. (Like that'll happen!)

Yesterday I resumed my regularly scheduled gym workout, and redid w3d3 of c25k. I feel very confident that I am ready to move up to week four, which involves running for 5 minutes and walking for half the time. The only thing I'm really worried about is how high my heart rate creeps up, because I just don't know whats considered normal. I mean, they have those little guides for you on the sides of the machine, but... cookie cutter numbers can't always be one size fits all, right? Or maybe they can. Anyway, I think today after work I'm going to just go ahead and buy a heart monitor.

 I can feel myself getting scared. Hawaii is sneaking up quicker and quicker each day. I don't feel anywhere near ready as of today to complete a half marathon. I guess I just feel like I should be further along than I am at this point. Perhaps even though I am very much enjoying the process, and this journey that I'm on, I see little changes everyday, I am still really caught up in the "finale", aka Hawaii. I'm afraid September is going to arrive and I'm still going to be where I'm at today; kind of able to jog, but only on a treadmill underneath a fan, for 5 minutes at a time. I also think part of it is I'm not really "tracking" my food intake right now, and when that happens it feels like cheating which brings on malaise which turns into anxiety about totally controllable things, such as how much and how well I exercise and whether I'll be ready or not.

And since this post is kind of all over the place cause I'm ADD like that, I would like to share this post by Monika Runs: 26 Reasons I love Marathons. I have not run or walked a marathon yet, but have participated in several 5k's recently and I have to say all of these things hold true for me. I stumbled upon her blog looking for the tripping hazard picture. I think I am going to read a little more thoroughly now.


safire said... [Reply to comment]

Glad the roommate drama is working out! I feel like time is moving by so fast so it does feel overwhelming when you need to get something done!

You can do it! It's all about building up slowly and consistently!

have a great weekend!

Elisha said... [Reply to comment]

About heart rate, I would worry more about how you feel than the number on the machine. If you feel okay, your heart rate is fine. If you feel like you're going to explode, you might want to back off a bit. The machines could be horribly inaccurate, and different bodies handle things differently. Trust your body.

As for the training, well, just keep at it and do the best you can. That's all anyone can ask of you in any situation--even you. Do your best in training, do your best in the race, and you should be nothing but proud of that.

Lily Fluffbottom said... [Reply to comment]


Thank you for your input about the heart rate. It is definitely something I should keep in mind, that the number could just be terribly wrong. Not trusting or believing in my body I think is what got me into this weight gain thing, and ultimately recoginizing this, is whats getting me out of it.

I just feel like I need a place to start, and I really should go see a doctor at some point to hopefully put some fears at ease. I tend to be a little dramatic sometimes... my heart doesn't ever feel like its going to explode out of my chest. But my dad did die of a heart attack, and it has caused some major anxiety.

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