Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today is SOOO not a soup day

Breakfast consisted of the other half of cantaloupe sitting in my fridge. There was a small bruised spot that looked a little moldy, but I ate around it. I love cantaloupe. Its juicy and sweet, and subtle. It has the ability to be pungent and mouth watering (I do this by using salt- which I didn't do today), but I enjoy it most on clear blue sky mornings that stay nice and cool until the sun finally breaks the barrier and everything becomes drenched with warmth.

There were quite a few people in my house this morning, which was kind of off putting. I'm used to it just being my roommate and myself. After I ate the cantaloupe, I figured I should probably have something that wasn't just sugar, and had a granola bar. There are definitely better ones on the market, that probably provide more nutrients, but I was happy with the extra oomph it gave me. I didn't feel full at the end of breakfast, but I did feel like I didn't need to eat any more. That's not a feeling I recognize easily.

I ate lunch around 3pm. It consisted of soup and tortilla chips.  There is 10 chips per serving, and I ate half of them; the left overs were eaten as a snack later. I packed a chocolate pudding snack, and I have about a pound and half of granola in my desk. I have no desire for the granola today.

The soup was pretty good, but not too long after eating it, I felt gross. Like my whole body had slowed down, and my mind got a little foggy.
 The day went by rather quickly, even though I sat stranded at my desk. Around 4:30 I snuck out of the office and walked around the block. It calmed me, and gave me the extra boost I needed to get through the rest of the work day.

After that, I didn't eat until dinner. When I got home, I decompressed in my room, just sitting by myself, and listening to music. When I came down stairs, I decided if I was going eat, then I had to cook, and if I had to cook, then I was going to have to clean the kitchen. I didn't get around to dinner until 10:00.

I think this picture didn't come out very well, but I made chicken with cheesy broccoli rice. There was 2.5 servings in the package once cooked, and I made sure to put away at least one serving's worth in the fridge. I only cooked one piece of chicken. I'm trying to decide if its worth copying another picture of brownie over to this post, or taking another picture. I really want a brownie, but I'm upset at my roommate and I don't want to eat when I'm upset. Thats when I don't know when to stop.

Its late now, and we're watching Clueless. I wanted to be these girls so bad when I was 10 years old. I was convinced Cher was exactly how I was supposed to look, but I could never be white, so I could never be thin.

I don't think I'll mean that statement in the morning.


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