Thursday, May 20, 2010

100 calories

It was dark, and I was getting angry at my roommate for having feelings, and really really wanted a brownie. But I didn't want to take another picture of the brownie.... I'm still working on my lighting situation. Anyway, instead of having a brownie, I went for 100 calorie Oreos which don't taste like Oreos at all, really. I also chugged some chocolate soy milk. Probably not more than a cup's worth. I was trying so hard not to have that brownie. It almost caused me physical pain to walk away from it. I ended up leaving before Clueless ended because I knew if I stayed down there I would eventually give in to every craving, and binge eat like I haven't binge ate before!

I need to remind myself that its okay if I eat a brownie. Its not okay to eat 7 of them. That doesn't matter today. It was all tied into emotions, and I'm paying close attention to those this time around. I was frustrated about something completely unrelated to food, and went in search of it. It only makes sense that I have the healthier of the two.


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