Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Oh man, what a doozie. It was a beautiful day, and I was feeling very motivated to get out and enjoy it. I mapped out, and walked a little over a mile, which really just felt like taking a stroll around the block. Which it was, I guess. I'm still getting used to this whole "distance" thing. Then I had a meeting to attend, but I didn't want to go hungry, because it was at a bar, and we all know about bar food: deliciously tempteous. Instead, I had some Peanut Thai noodle thing, that was only 240 calories, and perfectly tasty. Perhaps would have been better with a little chili sauce, but that's just me.

Off I went to my meeting, where I learned about my new duties as a Documentaries Co-Programmer for the local Film Festival. My life is basically amazing right now. I learned quite a lot, mostly that I have no idea what I'm doing, and the other person in charge knows waaaaay more than me, as he is actually a film maker. But it should be interesting to see what happens, and if nothing else, he's a character. I'm quite excited to work with him.

I texted my roommate on my mile walk home to see what was for dinner. We had a Lost party tonight. (I'm writing this on Monday. Please excuse my tenses.) She says, "Well, we ordered pizza."

Oh God, my nemesis.

"Okay, I make chicken." I reply.

"We ordered two large pizzas. You eat pizza." She insists.

She was right- I ate pizza. I don't think I was quite ready for the responsibility of the most tasty food that's not chocolate, at that point. I should have just made some chicken and be happy about it. But no, I ate the pizza. I tried preparing myself as best as I could. I ate a t table, every bite I took, I faced away from the television, I paused several times to see if I was full.

I ended up eating three pieces. Not bad, all in all. Still one piece more than necessary, and I did chose the larger of pieces available. If I had bought the pizza myself, I can assure you, that would have been the end right there, I would have eaten everything that hadn't been eaten yet. That whole pizza would have been gone.

Welcome to the New Me.

(PS: I write most of these at work, and I haven't uploaded any of the pictures yet, but I wanted to post this. Pictures will come as soon as I get home!)
 DISCLOSURE: Its been one week since I started photographing EVERY SINGLE THING I CHEW, and apparently yesterday was the first time I forgot (there was one other time, and that was because of lighting issues. lol.) to take one. Any guesses what I scarfed down without immortalizing?

An ear of corn.

I mindlessly ate an ear of corn.

I am amused.


Sam said... [Reply to comment]

You've been awarded. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

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