Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Breakfast

I had dreams of English muffins, eggs, bacon, cereal with chocolate milk, pancakes and sausage gravy. Alas, my household is missing most of those items today. But that's okay. I made do with some left over split pea and ham soup, that I decided needed a little cheese. So I threw some in, heated it up. I didn't realize I still had so much left. I ate at the counter, and after a few minutes, I became auspiciously bored, and decided to grab some grapes, and head up to my room and start reading Mindful Eating 101.
After I couldn't handle sitting in my room on such a glorious day, I went for a walk. I just discovered Running Map . Com, which for some reason surprises me. It surprised me greatly to learn how much I was walking out of necessity. All together, if I ride the bus, I walk about 1.25 miles every day. Some days I get a ride home, and so the number would be half that. Sometimes I walk home, and the number turns into twice that. It depends on the weather. But I thought it was interesting to actually know the distance! So I plotted out an easy walk, which took me into a neighboring hood, and all together was about 1.32 miles. It was super easy, and I probably could have kept going, but I have other plans for today that require me not getting worn out before it begins. Perhaps I'll share the details of that on a later day.

But now I know how easy it is to get that small walk in, it only took about 30 minutes. I can see myself walking that a couple of mornings a week before I go into work. I felt very energized afterward. It was inspiring. I'd also like to eventually expand my miles up to two by the middle of June. I think right now I'm just re-familiarizing myself to my body. We've been out of touch for a really long time.


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