Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex And The City 2- Critics Hate it Because They Hate Themselves

Guess what I saw last night!!! I saw Sex and the City 2, with a bunch of my friends, for Girls Night Out/Going Away Party. We all pre-ordered our tickets, convinced that the theater would be sold out. When we arrived, it was more empty than full, and stayed that way up until the credits started rolling. It was interesting, beautiful, sparkly, and (I haven't read any reviews, especially the bad ones) I liked how easily and well they kind of satire'd themselves. I mean, they go to Abu Dhabi... and they took Samantha. What the hell did they think was going to happen?

But alas, I'm not one to spoil anything, so on to dinner. Red Robbins. I have only eaten there a handful of times, and none that I can remember recently. Perhaps the last time I ate one, I lived in Oregon, and I was still a teenager. I don't remember. I ordered a Mango-rita in Honor of House Bunny, and had a very difficult issue deciding on my entree. I kind of felt like they didn't have that many options, and they most definitely did not have a "healthy" section.They had wraps and soup, but all the meat in the wraps was breaded and deep fried, so I ordered pasta instead. (I love the way my mind works sometimes!) I ordered the Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta. It just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? No? Anyway!

It was pretty tasty. I made sure to check in with myself before I started eating. While I was at the theater, I ordered a small half diet coke, half cherry coke soda. (which is delish, you try if they let you!) and didn't really have an overwhelming need to eat, even though I could tell I was hungry. I also had a handful of steak fries which were hot and crispy on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside. I approved of those fries. I only need like 5, and was content.

I ended up eating about half of the pasta, and half of the Mango-rita. I always forget that I don't like tequila. Or drinking in general. (But that's another story for another day... Spoiler: I always have a drink at restaurants because I always feel like it will make me more fun, when in fact it almost never does. )

Dinner ended around 11pm (not unusual, at least for me), and my friends all decided to go to a local mammoth club, so I was dropped off at home, and had to struggle with being alone again, before I finally made myself go to sleep. I crave solitude, but find its rarely what I want once I have it.

I know there are a lot of mothers reading this so let me say this: BEING AN ONLY CHILD SUCKS AND HAS POTENTIALLY LIFE LONG COMPLICATIONS! (No offense, Mother!)


Traci said... [Reply to comment]

We go to Red Robbin often when we get the chance. Their Red's Rice bowl is very healthy. Just ask for the sauce on the side and don't use it all. Also, they have a wrap that has grilled chicken inside. Ask for no sauce and BBQ on the side. Then just add a little to each bite instead of the glob they put on it (which ruins it). The wrap comes with fries though so be prepared to say no fries. If you don't like drinking, then don't. Especially if it doesn't even make it more fun when you are expecting it to. That's just more calories we don't need, right?! Most of the things that have fried chicken can be replaced with grilled. You just have to ask. I hope that helps.

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