Monday, May 17, 2010


For lunch today, I decided I wanted something a little spicy. While I was waiting for the oven to warm up, I noticed that we have some bananas getting quite ripe indeed, and decided to eat one. They are the kind on steroids. This one must have been a whole 12 inches long!

The banana was very sweet, and mushy. Perfectly ripe. A couple of more days, and they'll be ready for banana bread. Too bad I don't have a bread pan.... I would totally make some. I love banana bread warm with butter, and a mug of hot cocoa. A great way to warm up during the dark winters of Alaska.
Finally the oven had heated up to 450 degrees, and I put in the jalepeno poppers. I made six of them, as the serving size was 3. The cheese was oozing and bubbling on the tray when I pulled them out, but they scrapped off well enough. I ate the burnt cheese parts before I took the picture. <-- See that disclosure? Its because I eat without realizing it.

I eat all the time without realizing it. Its little things like that, too. A handful of peanuts. A couple extra sips of chocolate soy milk, straight out of the carton. Standing in the kitchen, wondering what I can eat next. These are the behaviors I'm trying to change.
Last night, my roommate made these scrumpticious frosted brownies. They are moist and decadent, and just how chocolate should taste. They melt in your mouth, and cause your synapses to explode with pleasure.

Clearly, I am a fool. Because how did I enjoy this treat? Shoving it into my mouth, one bite at a time, as I walked up the stairs to do some more laundry. The reason behind not eating in front of moving pictures is to focus my attention on what I'm putting into my body. I should cherish every bite, understand each subtlety. I should understand the process of its creation and destruction. I should remember the way it feels as it settles in my belly, over flowed, and bloaty. How that feeling doesn't go away. It lingers.

And then I washed it all down with a nice refreshing can of Coca-Cola. It always leaving me feeling like I should brush my teeth. I never fail to remember what it does to battery acid, and yet, I still persist in putting it in my body because it tastes good going down.

I suppose down the road I can decide what I can live without. If I never had soda again, my life would only be better for it. I'm not missing out on anything by drinking tea or water instead. Tea has a brilliant talent of never tasting quite the same twice. Its always just a hint different. Maybe it was brewed too long, or too short. Maybe its usual blend of flavors was effected in some way by climate change, or agricultural law.

Its about time to get out of the house, don'tcha know. Three days a week I must do the couch to 5k. I have decided Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be those days.  I need to get something like The Beginning Runner's Handbook. At my current weight I probably shouldn't be running, but I want to work my way up to it, and I definitely should know how to take care of myself so I don't cause injury. I already have a bum knee. <-- One more excuse as to why I don't exercise as frequent or often or for any other reason, because its an excuse.


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