Friday, May 21, 2010

Lunch on a beautiful day such as today

One of my friends who was staying with me this week, left for her summer job, and left behind her leftover cheese enchiladas, and beans, and then washed it down with an iced diet coke. (I promise it tasted a lot better than the picture would have you believe...) I had her left overs for lunch. I was quite excited at the prospect of eating food that I didn't know the caloric intake for, and that I didn't have to do anything to prepare it. 10 minutes after shoveling the last bite into my mouth, my stomach felt heavy and misused. It was not pleased with me. And so, I went for a walk.

It is goregous out today. Its the kind of weather I live for. Its still a little mild, maybe 65, but the sun is blazing, the wind is a little breezy, and everything is green and new. When I left, I only planned on walking around the block. Then I realized the bridge down the street had a foot path, and decided to check that out. Its a fairly long bridge, so I only went a quarter of the way. (didn't want to spend too much time out of the office, don'tcha know.) Its days like today though, that really make me wish I hadn't tormented my body into the protruding mass that it has become. I'd much rather be wearing shorts and a tank top, or perhaps a dress, letting the sun warm up all my crevices, allowing for maxium vitamin D intake. I've never been more excited to walk home than today.

I hope this weather lasts all summer.


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