Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moderate to Bad News

Its not all ice in Alaska. Granted I'm walking on about 3 inches of ice and 2 inches of snow, but in some parts, we have vulcano's. And one is about to erupt.

Redoubt erupted about 20 years ago, and geologists are apparently very anxious that its going happen again, probably in a week.

Very very cool. How is this bad news? Its not, not really. Its moderate news. There is a very good chance that Anchorage will be affected some how, and if so, I won't be able to go outside and smoke. Which means I'll probably go insane.

Now to the bad news.

ACS, a Telecom company here in Alaska is feeling the recession as well. Its kind of ridiculous, and their service sucks and they should go away anyway, but that just means 20 more people are searching for jobs next week. Everyone thinks we have it made up here, our economy isn't feeling the hunger pains of the recession. I live with a group of people who can't find jobs, and I find people jobs for a living. Its quite disgusting.


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