Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends and Weight Loss

I have two friends. (okay, so I have more than two friends, but for this post, I only have two!)

My two friends are roommates.

One is very active and likes doing things like walking through tunnels and climbing mountains and sweating in general (followed by eating earned calories).

The other likes to wander under the pretense of shopping, actually shopping, followed by a meal full of calories that may or may not have been earned at that point.

Its kind of an interesting experience, and I've found that the only thing the three of us really do together is eat. A couple of weekends ago I met up with friend #1 to participate in a race, went home and changed to meet up with friend #2, shopped around at a used book store, grabbed lunch and then later we both met up with #1 to eat dinner.

Before I started on my weight loss journey, I can't say that I spent a lot of time with #1. We had all the same friends of course, but it always more of group situations as opposed to our own little outings. That has changed now, because I am looking for all sorts of new and exciting ways to move my body and make it sweat. (That sounds kind of dirty, but I like it!)

What I'm finding now is that I'd almost rather spend less time with friend #2 because her lack of interest in sweating kind of annoys me. I understand I don't necessarily have to spend all my time with either/or, but I would like to do things with her that don't involve just eating delicious albeit high calorie junk food. I'm not going to let this affect our friendship. There are always healthier decisions to be made, and I'm well on my way to making them. I just wish all of my friends would join me, instead just the one.

That said, I'll take what I can get.

How do you manage your times spent with friends who don't enjoy sweating as much (or at all) as you do? Have you noticed a change in your relationship?


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