Monday, February 7, 2011

Oops! I did it again....

So some part of me feels like the weekends are my days to shoot the wind, behave as badly as I want and not stay accountable to myself or my blog. I think I ate pretty well on Saturday, but Sunday was a whole other story. I went food shopping, and ate two cups of cashews, two bowls of cereal, Amy's Pesto Tortellini, a GIANT salad from the salad bar, Sobe Green Tea, quarter gallon chocolate soy milk, the rest of those damn circus animal cookies which I never should have bought in the first place, at least 2 cups of hot cocoa, and I'm sure there is something else, but I can't remember any more.

I gained 4 pounds over the weekend. I was at 307.5, Today I'm at 311 (pre-pooping. All those nuts, you see.). I'm burping sulfur this morning. Gross.

I kept myself home this weekend because I got some new kitties and I wanted them to adjust to my house and life and whatnot. It made stretching on the floor pretty interesting, and I decided to put off the Zumba until tomorrow, but I think that was mostly because not moving is a lot easier than moving. I keep thinking getting a gym membership would motivate me more, but then I'm afraid of the additional cost every month, especially if I end up not using it which is my biggest fear. I'm always trying to make myself earn the privledge of a gym membership, but I never do because "something always happens".

I'm just rambling now. I'll stop. Need more coffee.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I was blog hopping and found your. I was born and rasied in Anchorage and moved in 2008. I too am "fluffy" I have lost 47lbs, need to go about another 75lbs but I have been stuck at this 47 for about 3 months and I think that reading others weight loss stories might be helpful, to give me that kick in the butt.
I can sign in for some reason

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