Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I better be able to walk 13.1 miles...

...Because come Sept. 18th, I will be in Maui, walking a half marathon. I am really doing this. Its bought and paid for, so I'd better go! I'm super excited. The whole thing just kind of fell into place. And now, I just need to get in shape.

Me and my mom, taken oct. 2010
My mom and I are flying out on the 14th, we'll be staying for an entire week and she will be walking a 5k. Currently my mom is suffering from really bad arthiris in her knees, mostly due to being overweight. I hope this turns into an opportunity to rediscover her awesomeness.

The most amazing part of this trip is, I had originally planned to do something similar over my birthday this year. However, when I saw that this marathon would be happening in September, I knew it was fate. You see, it is happening a year from the day my aunt died. My mom was very very close to her, as was I, and I know it'll be a great way to let go, honor her and move forward.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

That's awesome!

Happy Fun Pants said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like a beautiful way to be motivated and to have it be theraputic.

Yay for you and your plans!! :)

Lily Fluffbottom said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, ladies! I'm so excited! I think it'll be a great way to celebrate my aunts life, plus its right between my mom and I's birthdays (hers is in August, my is in October) so we can celebrate those too!

Lee said... [Reply to comment]

I'm excited for you -- what a great thing to plan & do.

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