Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tiptoeing My Way to 5k

I did my first day of C25k (for the second time) yesterday. It was pretty much amazing. At one point, I had to remind myself to stay slow and steady, to not try and push too hard. I felt like a racehorse at the starting line.  But I knew even if I couldn't feel it in that minute, I would feel it when I was done. Each run segment was a challenge, and more I did one, and then finished one, the more I wanted to just keep going.

I have never felt compelled to run before in my life. Ever. This is an entirely new feeling. Even when I was "eating healthy" and "exercising 4-5 times a week at the gym" I never felt the need to run. Yesterday though, it was all I could do to hold myself back. When I got to the last segment for running, I was so ecstatic! I had basically said "screw it" and did a very slow exaggerated victory run to the finish.

It took me a good 4 hours to calm down. It was epic.

Of course now, I can barely convince myself out of bed. I honestly didn't end up feeling as bad as I thought I would. But I'm cold, and can't seem to warm up, and that's never been an issue for me before.

I would like tot make this post more involved, but if I'm going to run that 5k in August, I'd better get started!
 This picture was taken about an hour after I had finished. I have this welt/pimple thing right underneath my eye. It annoys me, and it itched real bad last night so I kept rubbing it.


Happy Fun Pants said... [Reply to comment]

WAY TO GO! :) I'm so happy for you! :) :)

And I love that feeling at the start...when your blood is pumping and you're itching to just RUN.

Fantastic. :)

Samantha said... [Reply to comment]

Just found your blog and will be following along! I'm also starting the C25K, and am looking forward to my first 5K!

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