Monday, May 17, 2010

Shifting focus of this blog a little....

This blog has in the past served as a place for me to rant about local and national politics, life, and whatever I fancy. I could, I suppose, start an entirely new blog. I thought and considered it. But I've decided that I like the name, the space this blog has niched for its self (which isn't much of any kind, truth be told) and will be keeping this one from here on out to be about my weight loss journey.

Its been a very long time since I've tried to lose weight. Its been even longer since I have. My current weight is 323 pounds and I have no idea how I got there. I realize it was of course, all me. I've thought long and hard, trying to pinpoint the moment in my life when I decided that it was acceptable. That gaining weight was an allowable crutch to not participate in life.

What I've come to realize is, How I got to this point isn't whats important. How I get out of this fat is. And so, from here on out, the main focus of this blog will be about my weight loss journey. I am making a concerted effort this time around.

I can't wait to explain why, along with my first post about the new rules!


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