Monday, May 17, 2010

The Rules

So, on this journey, I'm going to go about this my own way. I am always looking for helpful hints, tips and books, but I've never really been a fan of "labels". I don't like following other peoples rules- I'd rather create my own.

I feel like a lot of my new eating rules might seem a little weird, or off putting. They are completely subjective to me, I am not stating that the following will cause weight loss, or that what I'm doing is even a good idea.

1) Must photograph every thing that gets eaten
exception: water, brewed tea and crystal light. I drink these things all the time.

2) May not be sitting in front of computer screen or television while eating.
This includes movie theaters.

3) Be aware of all serving sizes, and stick to them as often as possible.

4) Get creative with preparing food.

5) Count all Calories going in- Count as many as possible going out.
There is no limit to how many calories I can consume.

6)Participate in the couch to 5k program at least three days a week, weekends optional but encouraged.

7) Additional rules may be added or taken away as to be determined by what works, and what does not.

8) Document everything on this blog.

I will be breaking down the reasons behind these rules in later posts. (Please understand, I have ADD and get distracted very easily. I suppose I could hold off on posting this, but I want it up quickly.)


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