Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Will Not Deny Myself if There is No Problem

As previously mentioned today, I had Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for my cereal today. I ate it again with regular cow milk, and I can really feel the difference in my body afterward. I feel heavy and slow, and kind of sick to my stomach. Do Not Like.

As I was preparing for my work day, my coworker texted me and asked if I'd like to eat out for lunch. PANIC!!!!!
I wasn't sure if I should eat breakfast, and then I wasn't sure if what I should eat if I ate breakfast, because I don't go into work until Noon, three days out of five. It terrified me to have to figure out how to eat "healthy" while eating out so soon. I'm not sure I managed it correctly this time around.

I ended up ordering a BLT salad at this new restaurant close to my work. I knew the portions would be astounding when, after ordering a strawberry lemonade, they directed me to a 24 oz. mason jar, and then told me to fill it up. ( I took a picture for posterity, but I couldn't get it to upload. Boo.)

The salad of course, was spectacular. Do you see all that ranch? Do you see the four strips of bacon, chopped up beneath all of that ranch? Do you see the 6 ounces of cheese sitting on that plate? I COULD I HAVE DIED if I ate all of it. But I was good- I was real good. I ate slowly, I listened to my stomach, I put my fork down frequently, and I only ate the parts that I wanted. I ended up eating two of the cheese chunks, a bite of the deviled egg, and all of the bacon. When I decided I could eat no more, there was 4 ounces of cheese and two cups of romaine lettuce still on my plate.

And then they served us an after dinner raspberry truffle. It was light and fluffy, and occurred to me that I had never had a truffle that was chocolate all the way through. This one was more cakey, if you will.

I walked home from work, and was very tempted to just eat whatever was lying around, namely mini corn dogs, and frozen pizza. We ate all the decent food. Instead, my roommate and I stopped by the locally owned grocery and picked up some green beans, and porkchops. We made Huli-Huli pork chops this evening.

I worry about all the sauce that it was cooked in, as it was probably about two cups worth, and then the pork just cooked in it as the sauce slowly reduced, and eventually turned into a glaze. These pork chops were perfectly delectable. I wasn't talking during the dinner conversation, but I was the last one to finish eating. I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. Each one was a new surprise. The green beans were tasteless, as they had been boiled in water. I never understood boiling vegetables. They don't taste like anything by the time your done unless you drown them in butter and salt (which was what my roommate wanted to do, but I kinda talked her out of it), and then they're just down right unhealthy and not worthy of being called a vegetable.

No, that's not right. Vegetables shouldn't have to give up their right to be vegetables, just because some human decides to smother them in saturated delicious fat! They've become victims, not unlike those who are eating said veggies.

And then, because I just felt like I didn't have enough sugar today, I had a bowl of Reese Pieces cereal with plain soy milk. I finally got some more! I was so relieved to be using it instead, it was like a welcome home party in my mouth!

I always feel like I have to rush while eating cereal because if I don't it will get soggy. The only bad part about it becoming soggy is that its not as fun to eat anymore. Even as I enjoyed the flavor and the texture, I was eating alone again, and I was bored out of my mind. I won't lie: The second my roommate had walked out the door, I had opened one of the cupboards, looking for a snack.

But I figure, right now I have managed to completely cut out my after work binging. One bowl of cereal does not constitute a binge. three plus a bag of popcorn and the rest of my Oreo Cakesters and some hot-dogs is more of a binge. So, I'm going to call today successful. And remember to never order a salad from that restaurant again!


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