Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snowzilla's Triumphant Return!

Over at ADN, they have a whole section dedicated to the snowman. Current stories include Snowzilla's Army, The Seven Wonders of Anchorage, and The City's Response to Snowzilla. Very interesting.

I get the man has a pigsty for a yard. I get that the street is small, and the snowman collect a lot of traffic. I won't lie; I was there on Christmas, and nearly backed into a friend while trying to pull away.

But its a giant snowman. The novelty of it is unending. So unless the city wants to put it in the middle of the parkstrip (which is fabulous idea) they need to let it go. Its only for a couple of months a year. We don't live in constant ice and snow, for serious!

ETA: Snowzilla.org has also sprung up in the last week to support the owner with his eventual legal fees. Check it out.


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