Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Overview

Last week was pretty amazing. I worked out 5/7 days, which is the first time I've met that exercise goal. I'm starting to find if I haven't worked out before noon, my body starts going through withdrawls. I'm sitting at my work desk right now, and everything is sore, but all I want to do is sweat and move and burn. I feel so awesome afterwards I can barely stand it. Its completely addicting.

This weekend brought a lot of... food. I ate really well on Friday, until my co-workers "Broing" Away Party started, where I drank four or more beers (I lost count after two... I don't hold my alcohol very well!), snacked on fudge, pizza pockets, trail mix, chips and queso and Tater Tots. I didn't stress about it too much because the day before I had barely eaten 1000 calories after my zumba calorie defiencent, and on Saturday I did a really hard core work out for about 45 minutes that kicked my ass. I took a four hour nap afterwards. (It probably didn't help that I was also hungover.)

The problem I experienced on Saturday was yet another food related issue. My eyes were too big for my stomach, you see. After my nap, I wasn't really hungry but I hadn't eaten since before my killer workout and decided I should have something. I made vegetarain tacos. It included mexican rice (rice, half a pack of taco seasoning, 1 can southwest style corn), taco "meat" (1 cup morning star meat crumbles, 1/2 pack taco seasoning) cheese and sour cream. I was full after 1 and half, but for some reason I just had to eat the whole plate. And I did. And it was terrible. I don't know exactly what it was (it wasn't so much that I had stuffed myself) but it happens almost every time I eat the veggie crumbles, I just get sick. Does that happen to anyone else?

Sunday, I slept in, and even though my body was super sore, I still zumba'd, still worked harder than I had ever before, and felt awesome afterward. For brunch I had quesadillas with left over rice (cause I'm never eating Morning Star Crumbles again... can't do it.), after working out I had a bowl of cereal. Later that evening, I went to the theater and saw Black Swan with my friend and her boyfriend.

At BearTooth Theater, they serve real food like appetizers, pizza and burritos and beer, and whatnot, so I ordered a spicy bear burrito (Blackened tofu, grilled veggies, refried black beans, cheese, rice, cucumber-dill sauce, salsa fresca) and ate most of it, but really it just reaffirmed that I really don't like tofu. I took a relatively large bite near the end and started gagging so I spit it out and put it rest of it aside. I also consumed a large coke.

So this week my new roommate is coming in, and I'm hoping she'll be a workout buddy instead of someone who is just kinda in my way. My goal is to stay within my calorie budget, workout every day this week, though perhaps varying the intensity of the workouts. I just love the sore muscle feeling. Its so rewarding to lift my arms and feel the burn. Today's weight: 305.8. Up .2 from last week, but considering how this weekend went down, I'm pretty impressed.

Happy Monday everyone!


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