Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to Being Accountable

For breakfast I ate a bowl of cereal. It was a rather large bowl of cereal and I was really bored while eating it. My favorite part is when the strawberries become moist again, and are like little chewy candies, because lets be honest; Freeze-dried fruit never tastes the same after ward.

I did all the right things this morning before I left work. I packed my lunch. Chicken Noodle soup and two bags of peanuts still in their shell. I brought a box of Wild Strawberry Crystal Light (one package has the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee) I figured I would just let the peanuts sit in my desk so I had something to munch on when I finally realized I had finally felt hungry, but didn't want to eat a large amount of food.

And then my roommate decided that we needed pizza for lunch instead. After the weekend I had, you would have thought I would say NO! NO MORE GREASE FAT! Instead I said, "bring it on!" I ordered two garlic chicken slices, and a 20oz of Vault.

The thing I keep having to remind myself of is, according to my rules I can eat whatever I want. I should want the healthy things, and sometimes I do. I love mowing down on some fruit. The idea is to prove to myself that I can order things like pizza and not let it ruin the rest of my day. To order things like pizza, and know when to stop eating.

Something I've noticed these last few weeks: When I do really good, I reward myself with food, which ruins all the good I've done.

Must fix that.

New Rule: If I weigh myself in the morning, I have to post it on this here blog. Today's weight: 312.8


Miz said... [Reply to comment]

for me creating a DECADENCE LIST really really helped.
that way when I felt like: I DESERVE A TREAT!!
I had a list of nonfoodstuffs (from free to fancy :)) I could IMMEDIATELY turn to for ideas.

just a thought,


Dominique said... [Reply to comment]

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yeah, about the pizza thing- it is better to just avoid it by not ordering it in the first place. That was my downfall yesterday. I haven't been eating or ordering out for weeks now, but it's just my 2 youngest and me at home for a week, and they wanted a treat for dinner. So first I gave in to them, and then I gave in to my appetite! And the worst thing is that there's leftover pizza in the frige. Take a wild guess what I had for breakfast... What was lesson #14 from my list? "If there's an obstacle in your path, go around it, not over." I really should have swerved wide of ordering pizza and made them PB&J instead!

Have a great day!

266 said... [Reply to comment]

I have something for you on my blog!

Food Addict said... [Reply to comment]

I've tried the 'eat anything I want' thing... and it seems to work when I'm eating those things once in awhile. When I'm eating them everyday it fails. Like I'll eat 1 piece of pizza if that's what my hubby wants that night... but I'll try to eat something healthy beforehand like grapes or an apple... so I'm not AS hungry when dinner comes around.

Good luck! Not an easy journey.

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