Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pnenomum: My Roommate Has It

My house smells like rotten dirty meat and unclean feet. I'll own the unclean feet smell; I just walked home from the movies, and my feet do indeed stink. However, the rest of the dirty smell is definitely from the hamburger soup my roommate is making.

today started out fantastically. For breakfast I made delicious scrambled eggs with garlic and basil, and just a little bit of cheese, along with a banana, peach yogurt and a glass of chocolate soy milk. I didn't even start on the yogurt, even though I opened it. I couldn't finish my eggs, or my banana. I choked down my chocolate soy milk, and my body instantly hated me again. I know there are other things at work regarding this, that I'm not willing to discuss here. lets just say, its been a long weekend, and it happens everytime.

For lunch I brought some new mini cookie things, and a thing of chicken noodle soup. Before I made it to my office, I decided that I was parched and my thirst would only be quenched by drinking an iced chai latte. So I ordered it with skim milk. Perhaps next time I'll try soy milk... I have a weird relationship with milk. But anyway.

Lunch did not work out the way I planned. I felt a little niggling feeling of hunger for the first time around 4pm. I ate a handful of peanuts that I had left over, and I was good again until about 6pm. At that point, I struggled. I could have eaten my soup, or I could have waited to eat at the movies that started at 8pm. I decided to eat a couple more peanuts, drink some water, and hold off on my meal until I reached the theater. Of course, once I got there, I couldn't figure out what I wanted because its all burritos, pizza, popcorn, and fried stuff. Delicious, but not very mindful. I ended up ordering a rice and bean burrito to which I added ground beef and guacamole. My reasoning behind that: I wanted it.

I actually did really good in the theater. I ate the whole thing, but I was legitimately hungry for the whole thing. I paused on several occasions (mostly to cover my eyes) to check in and make sure I wasn't stuffed. When I did feel full, I stopped eating. When I wanted more, I continued. And then the burrito was gone.

Kick Ass, Kicked Ass. I know its cliche, but if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. I'm generally not one for violence, but when a 12 year old is kicking ass, you can usually get me to pay attention. And boy, did that girl kick some ass. There was one particular scene that so so epic, the whole crowd erupted in cheers. I was screaming and laughing the last 20 minutes. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous, they out did themselves. I highly recommend this movie.


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