Friday, June 11, 2010

Before the Weekend Begins

Warning: I have a huge spoiler for Where the Wild Things Are in the Center of this post. If you are like I was, and have not seen it, and do not wish to be spoiled, please be ware.

I'm one of those people who don't leave the house once they're "done with the day". I mean, once I get home from work, I don't want to go out to dinner. I don't to go shopping. I don't want to wear clothes that aren't my pajamas. But occasionally, and more frequently with having friends, it happens.

Yesterday could have been another one of those days. However, it so happened that I had stuff to do before I went home.<--- Ah. Yes. See, that little loophole? I can pretty much be convinced to do anything if it includes 1) getting out of work early 2) involves food, movies, is relatively inexpensive, or a combination 3) means I don't have to go home right away because if I go home right away I DONT DO ANYTHING.

So yesterday, I left work early (there's number 1) to go eat a Popsicle at the park (2) whilst decorating my shirt for the Alaska Run for Women on Saturday. Just as I was finishing my shirt, my neighbor swung by and picked me up so we could go to the new IMAX theatre and see a $2 movie with $2 soda and $2 popcorn (the 2 trifecta). We didn't get home until about midnight (and lucky number 3).

See, I don't mind doing that. I maybe even enjoy it. But I can't go home because once I'm home, I'm done for the day. I don't understand it. My mother is the same way. She's even more hardcore about it though. She'll wake up super early, get all her chores, and errands done by noon, and pack it in for the rest of the day. Wouldn't crawl out of bed or off the couch unless it was on fire. hmm.

Coming back from the movie, I promised my neighbor that I would buy her Wendy's because I owed her for a dinner, and the ticket, and she was in a really bad mood in general. I bought a chicken nugget meal, and only ate half my nugs, and half my fries. I tried ordering a salad, and they told me NO. What was a girl to do? (Yeah I know- not order it. I wasn't hungry but I hadn't eaten dinner. It was that weird mind trap.) Its okay because I did not stuff myself, and when I felt that I was going there, I stopped. Barely, but I did it.


Yesterday was the first time I saw Where the Wild Things Are. I don't really remember the book, I just remember the author. Maurice Sendak. Oh how I loved him. He spoke to my 4 year old soul. I'm 24 years old and still watch Little Bear. I would still read it too, if I had any of my books left. Little Bear taught me to read.  Max, this super interesting kid who has a very active imagination, and not nearly enough attention, demands food from his mother, then runs away into a near by forest, which is on the edge of water. There he finds a boat and ends up in high seas, before crashing into an island far away. And thats where this little boys imagination psychosis starts to unravel. Monsters. Monsters that are destroying things, and having a trantrum almost as big as his own. At one point, the bird monster, Douglas has a limb removed physically from his body, and sand torrents out of the empty space it used to occupy. Douglas was described at the one that would do anything for you, always the one you want on your team.

I don't remember this book at all. At. All.

Luckily, Max comes to his senses and leaves, howling into the dark until the island fades, and the sun goes down. Suddenly he's running down the street into his house, then tiptoes into the kitchen. His mother hugs him, and gives him dinner.

The End.

So, it was good because it was visually stunning, the set was jaw dropping, Max Records is adorable, and I was watching it on a 70 ft. wide screen. If I was 10 years old watching that, I would have fallen asleep. If I was 10 years old and didn't fall asleep, it was because the screen was also 40 ft tall, and thats just kind of cool no matter how old you are. This theater blocks out the view of the mountains.

Maybe this is a little childish of me, but the song in the background during the trailer? It's in the movie. I waited with abated breath for a sweeping aerial scene, something of epic proportions (of which the movie had many), and it never did. I was pissed. I walked away feeling like I never needed to see it again, but I don't think that's a bad thing. It'll haunt me every time I look back to it in my mind. I'm sure I will watch it again, though currently I don't feel the need to. I'll remember every feeling, good or bad, the fort they made, and the perplexing ending that will leave me to wonder, what happens next?

----->MOVIE REVIEW END<-----


Today was absolutely impossible to get out of bed. The only reason  I didn't truly consider going into work today was because my co-worker texted me that she wasn't going in, first. Bitch. So I stopped by the AK Cake Studio, and grabbed a apple coffee cake, and a raspberry mocha. The Cake Studio is relatively new, and prior to May, I would go there up to three times a week to grab a coffee and a pastry for breakfast. It had been a while, and I missed it.

The Apple Coffee Cake was delicious. I've had it a few times before, but only noticed that there were actually apples in it for the first time today. My mocha was ice cold by the time I had chugged the end of it down, nearly two hours after its purchase. I wasn't paying too much mind while eating the coffee cake. Just as I started to eat it, I was interrupted by a client and had to assist them for a good hour or so. But it just seemed to last forever. At one point I looked down and was surprised at how much was left. I picked up the last 3rd of it, and nibbled down on it until nothing was left.

I finished eating around 11:30am. My coworkers asked me to go to lunch with them at 12:15pm. Had this happened on Monday, I would have went, regardless of the 1200 calories (or there abouts) I had just consumed less than an hour before.

Around 2:30pm, I got really intense hunger pains. Hunger pains that made me feel if I did not attend to them immediately, I would pass out. I had considered going to get a reindeer dog (amazing, and low carb/fat... until you add the bun. And cheese. And onions caramelized in Coca-Cola.) but there was this other sidewalk vendor, who was new this summer, and I wanted to try it. Its called Smitty's and it serves Poutine. Never heard of it? Neither had I, until I read the linked article. Its fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. Its a "dieter's" worst nightmare, and utterly scrumptious. Luckily, the walk to get it and back from my office was nearly a mile, I had already made one round around the block, and it wasn't raining and so I walked home. The gooey cheese, and soggy fries were sinful. It could easily become the new comfort food. I'm sorry for even writing about it, but if you ever come to Anchorage in the summer, you should make a stop by there. Or go to Quebec, because apparently that's where its super popular.

So today has been a very high calorie day, I imagine it won't get much better, but the good news is, I'm not hungry, and I know when to recognize when I am. I think I'll be munching on fruit, edamame, and gum for the rest of the evening though. Maybe one of those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. Maybe.


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