Monday, April 20, 2009

17 Again. Another generic goes back to former high school self and saves his family from impending doom, by realizing that 1) going back is never an option, 2) there might actually be a reason his family hates him, and 3) the big gesture will always win in the end.

Zac Efron (my new future husband- move over Gale Harold!) stars in this coming to age (one more time, because the first time didn't stick) story, along side Leslie Mann and Matthew Perry.

Speaking of Matthew Perry; if Zac ends up looking like him in 20 years, I'll be very upset, indeed.

I went and saw 17 Again over the weekend. The theater was mostly empty at 11:30am, but apparently grossed $24 million dollars and came in number one. This is all very exciting.

If you want to see a cute happily ever after, with some great cougar and incest moments, and best friend sidekicks stealing the show, then this is it.


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